You Won’t Be Waiting Too Long for Silent Hill 2 on PS5

Itching to re-enter Silent Hill 2’s iconic fog? Well, that scratch could be satiated by Pyramid Head’s massive blade sooner than you think, because developer Bloober Team has confirmed that its upcoming PS5 remake is in the final stages of development. Speaking at the GPW Innnovation Day in Poland, as reported by Game Spoof, boss Piotr Babeno revealed that the project has been in development since 2019, and is currently entering a “late production stage”.

It’s obvious that the title was nearing completion judging by its extensive reveal trailer, which was all captured in-game using Unreal Engine 5. However, according to the aforementioned bigwig, his Krakow-based team is currently focused on polishing up the project prior to its release. Babieno underlined that, ultimately, it’s up to publisher Konami when the game deploys – but he hinted the Japanese firm will have more information on that front soon.


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