Why Scott Boras anticipates Giants to be ‘very aggressive’ in MLB offseason


LAS VEGAS — Scott Boras stood on a makeshift stage at the Conrad Resorts World in Las Vegas and started talking about meat.

Boras said the teams that want to win will go after wagyu beef and filet mignon, not a hamburger. As always, Boras represents many of the top free agents, and he knows which aisle the Giants should be shopping in.

Asked what he expects from the organization this offseason, Boras noted that the Giants won 107 games and then drew only about 2.5 million fans, the lowest non-pandemic total in Oracle Park’s history. He said the Giants have proven they can do much better.

“I’m sure the owners are going, we can draw 33 percent more fans if we’ve got great players because our audience will support it,” he said. “So for that reason I would think they would be very, very aggressive because they’ve got a proven market and they’ve got the economic ability to attract a number of free agents.”

Boras has several who figure to be Giants targets, including Carlos Rodón who opted out of his contract on Sunday and is expected to get the largest deal for a pitcher this offseason. Boras fanned the flames by calling Rodón “the only one of his kind” on the pitching market.

If the Giants feel Rodón negotiations get out of their comfort zone, they still could look to Boras’ position players. He represents shortstops Carlos Correa and Xander Bogaerts, both of whom could be a fit for a team that has vowed to get better and more athletic up the middle.

The Giants, of course, have a Gold Glove-caliber shortstop in Brandon Crawford. Boras said none of the teams that have spoken to him about his shortstops have mentioned a position change, but it’s unclear if the Giants are part of that group.

Boras also represents Brandon Nimmo, the best true center fielder on the market, and Michael Conforto, a slugger who missed all of the 2022 season with a shoulder injury. Conforto could sign a short-term deal with an opt-out to get back on the market, which would figure to be appealing to a Giants front office that just did that successfully with Rodón.

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The Giants have not had many Boras clients over the past decade, but they did go hard after his most famous one, Bryce Harper, in 2019. For all of the talent on the Boras Corp. roster this time around, he does not represent the best player on the market, Aaron Judge. He also wouldn’t speculate on what Judge’s offseason might look like.

“I would not be the judge of that,” Boras said, smiling.

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