Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann – Full Army Reveals

Games Workshop held their online preview and showed off a TON of new Leagues of Votann goodies. Check out the full army reveals!

The Leagues of Votann are confirmed to arrive in September with a brand new army boxed set. The Codex will be hot on the heels of that release. But first, we get a look at the REST of the Leagues of Votann Army and they are bringing some serious firepower to the tabletop.

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Uthar the Destined

This is an actual named character for the Leagues of Votann and (currently) the only one named in the codex. Ûthar the Destined is based on the Kâhl model and will be leading the Leagues of Votann army when the Army box drops in September according to Games Workshop.

Leagues of Votann Army Box Set

There will also be the new Army Boxed Set coming that features 25 models. You’ll get 20 Hearthkyn Warriors, 3 Hernkyn Pioneers, a Einhyr Champion, and of course the Ûthar the Destined who can also be build as a Kâhl.

Einhyr Champion

The Einhyr Champion is another character although they aren’t a unique named character. He’s packing some serious exo-armor loaded with some heavy duty firepower. Expect to see this warrior tear into close-combat like a wrecking ball!

Cthonian Beserk Mole Grenade Launcher

We already got a look at the Cthonian Beserk models but as a unit option they can apparently take a Molde Grenade Launcher! This is a bit of a call back and nod to the old Squat Army and another welcome unit addition. These grenades can burrow under the ground and attack hard to get to targets in bunkers or behind cover. We can’t wait to see what else they can do ruleswise!

Brokhyr Iron-master

Another model in the Character Department, the Brokhyr Iron-master is here with a crew of Ironkin. Space Marine Techpriests might want to take a few notes from this member of the Leagues.


And in case you thought that the Leagues were going to be without any Psykers, SURPRISE! Meet the Grimnyr. A combination of priest and psyker, these Living Ancestors are powerful psychic clones from a very special Kin.

Hekaton Land Fortress

And the final big reveal for the army was the Hekaton Land Fortress! This is a main battle tank/transport for the Leagues of Votann. It’s got a train-load of firepower and capacity to bring your troops to the front lines. It’s got some serious armor and “can go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and best battle tanks in the 41st Millennium”according to GW. We can’t wait to see more from this chonky kit!

Leagues of Votann Army Reveal

There’s the shot of the entire army and it’s looking pretty packed. We’ll have to wait until later this month when the new army drops!

Are you ready for the Leagues of Votann?!


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