Wahoo takes mountain biking indoors and indoor cycling out with new System and RGT features

Wahoo has today unveiled a host of new features for its Wahoo X software bundle, which bundles the brand’s two separate indoor cycling apps, RGT and Systm, into one monthly subscription.

Among them is a voice chat feature that until now has been almost monopolized by third party app, Discord. Simply known as Voice Chat, users of Wahoo RGT will be able to chat with riders in four distinct ways. First, chats can be set based on proximity, meaning anyone nearby on the road will be able to communicate. The second will be an entire map-wide chat, incorporating everyone in a particular map at a given time. The third will enable riders to create private channels, while the final is a one-way chat, enabling team managers or workout leaders to dictate race tactics or the session at hand without interruption.

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