Video: Check Out This Sonic Frontiers Side-By-Side PS5 & Switch Comparison

Picture: SEGA

Today (finally) marks the release of Sonic Frontiers, and with a host of mixed-to-positive reviews to its name, we were excited to see how the Switch version of the game would match up to the more powerful consoles. Fortunately, GameXplain has come through with a side-by-side graphics comparison and the results are, wellas expected.

While the Switch was always going to seem a little more washed-out when compared to its next-gen counterpart – the Nintendo version has a max resolution of 720p and framerate of 30FPS – the comparison demonstrates just how big of a difference this reduction makes.

We are currently working our way through the Switch version of Sonic Frontiers after a delay in us getting our hands on a review code. This being said, our reviewer did offer up the following assessment of the Switch’s graphics based on their time with the game so far: “muddy with a hefty dollop of pop-in.”

To see the side-by-side gameplay in full, check out the comparison from GameXplain below.

Our comment on both muddiness and pop ins can be seen in full force, with the reduced resolution and frame rate leading to a clear (and thoroughly expected) lessening in the detail and textures department.

As for our overall verdict, we are currently working on our review and will have it with you as soon as we can. Yes, we know – we’ve gotta go fastetc.


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