Twitter verification comes full circle, introduces new “official” label

Twitter’s upcoming “official” label can’t be bought and could end up becoming the platform’s true Verified badge.

In the build up to Twitter’s new blue Verified badge, it seems that there are lots of questions about the service, and also how the platform will handle differentiating between the new Verified badge and accounts that are currently identified as official with a blue check mark. The solution is actually quite simple, with the service set to introduce an “official” label to select accounts when Twitter Blue is launched.

Esther Crawford, who is the Director of Product Management at Twitter, stated that accounts that had a blue check mark will get an official label so that people know the account is, well, official. She also emphasized that not all accounts will automatically get an official label and that it also cannot be bought. She clarified that “government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and some public figures” would be the types of accounts that could receive the label. If you’re a current Twitter user, this all might sound a bit familiar.

As far as the new Twitter Blue service, Crawford explained that “the new Twitter Blue does not include ID verification – it’s an opt-in, paid subscription that offers a blue checkmark.” This could end up being a problem for some, or even most on the platform, especially because the previous check mark stood for an account that had been verified. Of course, we won’t really know how it will turn out until the service is launched.

Last week, Twitter updated its iOS app, making its $7.99 price tag for Twitter Blue official. While the description of the app had changed, the service remained the same, leaving many confused. Later, we would find out that the launch had been delayed, with a new date set for sometime after the midterm elections. The rumored start date for the service is November 9, and if true, will could see many more users with a blue Verified badge starting tomorrow.

Source: Esther Crawford (Twitter)

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