Twitter Users Are Parodying Public Figures With Paid Verification

Users are being suspended on Twitter after creating parody accounts of public figures in an effort to point out the massive flaws in Elon Musk’s new verification system.

Musk’s purchase of the company has been public and messy, and by the time he sat down as the new owner of Twitter, he wanted us to know that we were allowed to be funny again under his leadership, announcing: “Comedy is now legal on Twitter.” Thank you, Elon!

And then changes started rolling in.

He laid off staff en masse and introduced Twitter Blue, the service that allows you to pay $7.99 in exchange for a blue check, in an effort to make the platform more profitable.

What a wonderful thing, to pay just $7.99 a month to be a cool cat with a badge! Ripe for memes and trolling! Verified users like Kathy Griffin started changing their profiles to mimic Musk’s and tweeted posts impersonating him to point out the glaring problem of identity fraud and misinformation. Unfortunately, that kind of comedy was simply not legal on Twitter, and Griffin along with other figures had their accounts suspended.

“Even though Jeffery Epstein committed horrible crimes, I do still miss him on nights like this for his warmth and comradery. Rest In Peace old friend,” @h3h3productionswho had changed their name and image to Elon Musk, tweeted before being temporarily banned.

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