Third-person survival horror game Hollowbody announced for PC

Chasing Static developer Headware Games has announced third-person survival horror game hollow body. A Kickstarter campaign seeking £15,000 in funding to complete the game’s development was also launched.

Currently, the plan is to release hollow body for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG in Q1 2024. However, depending on funding, publishing, and porting aspects outside the scope of the Kickstarter campaign, a console release is also possible.

The game itself is only expected to be two to three hours in length, which is similar to Chasing Staticbut depending on factors such as the success of the Kickstarter campaign, stretch goals, and demand, Headware Games may increase the length of the game beyond its initial scope.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


A tech-noir survival horror short story, set in the urban decay of a long abandoned British city.

It’s a Shipper’s biggest fear. You’re grounded in the exclusion zone, twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse.

Alone, stranded, and with limited resources at your disposal you’ll have to push your way through the zone, solve environmental puzzles, manage resources and fight for your life as you try to find a way to escape beyond the wall.

The Story So Far

Play as Mica, an unlicensed Shipper working for an infamous ring of black market freelancers.

It sounded like a simple job, another run across the zone, slow and low. Keep under the radar by casing beneath the electrical storm that blankets the sky overhead. But something feels off. The drop point is dead.. hadn’t been active in months, maybe years. These things happen, people get spooked. A five hour flight back and a few hundred credits wasted on fuel. You get in your hover and head home.

An hour into the zone and there’s an issue with the hover. The nav’s running in circles and you’re gaining altitude. Before you know it a blinding white fills the sky. The dash goes dark and your hover drops out of the air like a lead balloon, slamming into the paved streets below. You wake to the acrid smell of an electrical fire, rain pounding on the cracked windshield. You’re surrounded by the crumbling remains of what were once considered homes.

You need to find a way out. Call for evac, scale the walls. Something. Anything. Survive.

Key Features

  • Classic survival horror gameplay inspired by early 2000s horror titles.
  • Cinematic blend of dynamic and fixed camera angles.
  • Logic puzzles, resource management and limited combat with a focus on narrative and exploration.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Full voice acting.
  • An emphasis on strong world building set in a dystopian near-future.
  • Carefully paced save points ensure tension is maintained whilst respecting the player’s time.
  • Accessibility options to help players who prefer exploration over combat.
  • New game + features.

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots at the gallery.

Announce Trailer

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