The Last-Minute ‘Destiny 2’ Farm You Should Be Doing Before Season 18

We are just over a week away from Destiny 2’s as-of-yet unnamed season 18, where all will be revealed in the Bungie showcase on August 23. But before that, some things are being revealed early, including something you may want to be doing right now ahead of the launch of season 18, if you want a shot at some potentially great weapons to start the season.

This week, Bungie announced that Dares of Eternity, one of the few fully free activities in Destiny 2, was getting a reworked loot pool. Its weapons will get their own special Origin Trait for the first time, and will get updated perk pools. When Bungie updates perk pools, they keep the best combos people like, and remove the 3-4 worst perks, replacing them with new ones.

So, the idea here is that you may want to stock up on Treasure Keys and other Dares currencies in order to pull a bunch of the new, reworked Dares weapons when season 18 launches. As a reminder, those are:

  • BXR-55 Battler (Solar Pulse Rifle)
  • Wastelander (Kinetic Shotgun)
  • Traced Path (Solar Trace Rifle)
  • Pardon Our Dust (Kinetic Breach Grenade Launcher)
  • Half Truths (Arc Sword)
  • The Other Half (Void Sword)

While we do not know what the Origin Trait will be, by default, the guns will be better than old versions without it. I also wonder if with two solar weapons here, we might see an Incandescent Battler or Retraced Path, which would be pretty sick. There’s also the possibility that these weapons get new season 18 perks we don’t know about yet.

So, what you want to do for farming is to amass Treasure Keys, where each of those will give you one weapon from the Dares chest. This is also a great way to get spare red frame weapons if you need them. I also have a secret theory that maybe Bungie is going to add crafting for these weapons, in order to given free-to-play players more crafting options, but that has not been confirmed yet.

In addition to Treasure Keys, which max at 21 and then start going to your postmaster, you can buy (with Strange Coins) and earn (through bounties) Paraversal Haul packages that you can stack up in your inventory to be opened later, and those can contain anywhere from 0-3 Treasure Keys in each one.

I am not going to spend an absurd amount of time on this or anything, but enough for a decent stack of weapons at launch, at least, as I mean, I don’t really have anything better to do in the game right now. I really love the Battler and Wastelander in particular, and it seems like Trace Rifle buffs may be on the way later. I also promised my community I’d go for an Origin Trait Other Half, my infamous must-have from when Dares launched that took forever to get. We’ll see how that goes.

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