The ‘Destiny 2’ Armor Focusing Trick It Took Me Two Years To Learn

Not much going on in Destiny 2 these days, even with reset coming later today. Just more Festival of the Lost, which I’ve already finished outside of grinding out some of the absurdly long triumphs for the gilded Ghost Writer title. So I wanted to dip back into a bit of more generalized advice.

Destiny 2 has had new ghost mods in the game for two years now after a dramatic rework to the system that first arrived in November of 2020. They include things like increased glimmer and XP gains, bonus playlist rewards and most pressingly, the ability to target focus armor stats.

You can pick any six stats and your high stat armor or exotics (except from vendor engrams) will drop with a minimum of +10 in that stat. Often more like 20+. When used in combination with the high stat armor focusing from the Season of the Risen War Table, it’s never been easier to focus for big stat totals and exactly numbers you need in different stats.

However, it took me forever to learn what’s arguably the best way to go about this. A reader pointed this out to me a few weeks ago. Here’s what you need to know about how focusing works:

Destiny 2 splits stats into two pools, mobility, resilience and recovery and then discipline, intellect and strength. A while ago, really the only stats anyone cared all that much about were recovery and intellect (minus some Hunters), which later became recovery and discipline. But now with the resilience buff where tier 10 gives you 40% damage resistance, you now want both recovery and resilience. As high as you can get in both, ideally.

So, here’s the trick. You want to use the discipline focus ghost mod.

Why? Because of the way that Bungie distributes stats between the two pools. High start armor, 60+, will ensure that ~30+ stats are in one group and 30+ are in the other. This is so you don’t have like, +20 in mobility, recovery and resilience, and like, +2 in discipline, intellect and strength. Armor doesn’t exist like that.

So, what you do with discipline is that you’re picking the most popular stat of the bottom three to focus on, meaning you then have a 2 in 3 chance of the other “side” of high stat focusing giving you a big number in either recovery or resilience, or a solid amount in both. I am using discipline here because intellect got nerfed pretty hard and strength is usually a lot less wanted than the ability to have more grenades more often. But to each their own.

If you do this the other way, and just pick the ghost mod to focus recovery or resilience, then you now have a 2 in 3 chance that the high stat in the other side is going to be one you don’t want as much.

This has worked wonders for me. I cannot tell you how dramatically the quality of my armor has improved since I made this switch, and I’m keeping way more pieces more often with great distributions. This also works for wild drop exotics as well, so you really just kind of always want that discipline mod on, just in case.

So yeah, hope you learned something like I did. Happy hunting.

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