The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 2, 2022

Today, September 2, 2022 is a rough horoscope day for three zodiac signs. Beginning with a transit that could potentially throw us all for a loop if we’re not careful. What we’re referring to is the power-packed transit of Mercury and Jupiter, which really makes us think twice about everything we’ve come to trust and count on.

That sounds pretty dangerous, too, as it’s not exactly the thing we wish to investigate. So much of who we are right now, today, is based on the things we believe in, and during Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter, those things and ideas may be put to the test.

Nothing goes without analysis during this time, and this is exacerbated by the fact that our sun is also in Virgo for a month.

So, we will be experiencing some deep self-analysis and internal struggle during this time, and because today, September 2 begins the process, it will all feel very foreign and shaky. Today works on our sense of safety; we don’t know if we’re safe or not during Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter, and that doesn’t exactly sit well with us.

So, what’s required of us today, if we’re not to get sucked up in paranoia and self-reflection is patience, first, and then poise. Yes, in this case, ‘poise’ refers to how we handle ourselves in public.

We may be going through many things internally, but what makes or breaks our day today depends on what we show the world. Will we show the world that we are weak and nervous, or will we reserve the drama for another day, knowing that it’s best to retreat today so that we can regroup, in our minds?


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