The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 21, 2022

Many of us might find that we’re a little tastier than we planned on being today, and that’s mainly due to the placement of the Moon in steady Virgo in a trine with chaotic Uranus.

With this setup, we’re looking at indecision, especially the kind that concerns our own security. Say, for instance, we’re about to get into a committed relationship.

Sounds like a great plan, until the mind starts interjecting its thousand imagined scenarios of failure. We want it badly, and then that little devil on our shoulder squats down and relentlessly nags at us, making us see what’s wrong with just about everything.

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Between Virgo and Uranus, we’re looking at the idea of ​​what brings us the most security: it is people. Is it money? What do we want that will give us the peace we ‘think’ we want?

We certainly do want love…but now, for some reason, during this transit, we’re not altogether sure that this is the right move for us. Is it? And are we ready to blow it, just in case it is the right move and we decide, in some impulsive moment, that it’s not?

Today brings us a rough day where our mind is concerned. It’s just about doubting the good and trying very desperately to hang on to what we believe in.

We don’t want trouble, but we also know that if we keep on doubting like this, the only thing we’ll know is trouble. So, we are in a quandary today.

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