The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On August 31, 2022

The only thing that might make us feel touchy or overly sensitive today is the fact that whenever we have this transit in our midst — Scorpio Moon square Pluto, we’re talking about tapping into our suspicious nature and following up with a little paranoia.

What’s interesting is that today, August 31, is up to us, basically meaning, we can act on those darker thoughts and end up ruining our day, or we can float through them, knowing they will pass as they always do.

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So, it’s not that today is all that rough, but we could go there if we push it too hard, if you know what I mean. Say for instance you suddenly get it into your head that someone close to you has been untruthful; you may do one of two things.

You could confront them and get to the bottom of it all in a few minutes, or you could stew in your own paranoid thoughts and make yourself insane over something that you don’t have the intel on. In other words, you don’t have to make this day as bad as it potentially can get. You can avoid most of today’s upset by simply ‘getting to the point.’

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We have to know that we also need to give ourselves a break today. Scorpio Moon square Pluto is a fairly harsh transit and can really do damage if we don’t watch ourselves.


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