Taylor Swift Fat-Shaming Video Scene Edited Out – Deadline

Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video appears to have been edited on at least one streaming service to remove one controversial scene.

The Apple Music version of the video, accompanying her 10th studio album Midnights, no longer includes a scene that showed the word “fat” on a scale.

Swift wrote and directed the video, which reportedly is meant to portray Swift’s “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts,” according to her Instagram.

The now-deleted scene shows Swift in the bathroom weighing herself on a scale. Looking on is Swift’s alleged inner critic, also played by the singer.

When the scale registers the word “Fat” instead of numbers, Swift is crestfallen, and the other inner critic shakes her head in pity.

Apple Music no longer cuts to the word. The YouTube version of the music video still features the controversial scene.

Swift has previously made references to her past battles with disordered eating and body image struggles. But any controversy has not slowed the album’s sales, which now tallies at more than 1.2 million units in the US.

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