Samsung US starts a week of sales featuring free memory upgrades on the Galaxy S22 and more

Samsung US has kicked off a sales event called “Samsung Week” – 7 days of discounts and promos on various products offered by the company, including (of course) their smartphones and tablets.

You will find the prices and links for participating models below, but first some explanation. The Galaxy S22 trio comes with a free memory upgrade, ie a 256GB model costs the same as a 128GB one. Since the S22 and S22+ have only two storage options, this is a no-brainer. The S22 Ultra does have a 512GB option and that one is cheaper than usual too – just a $50 upgrade for 4x the storage of the base model.

You should also receive a $50 Samsung Credit that you can spend on additional item, a case for example. As usual, you can also get up to $800 of enhanced trade-in credit for sending in old devices (ones with a cracked screen can fetch around half that).

Samsung Week has a green theme, so you could go for a certified renewed Galaxy S21. During the promo the prices for the three models will be $100 off and you can get up to $400 of enhanced trade-in credit.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is $180 off and for select models you can get a guaranteed $200 trade-in credit – this is a good time to get rid of a very old Galaxy devices that won’t fetch $200 on the market.

Samsung Week will have daily deals too, so it’s worth having a peek to see what’s new every day.

Monday’s deal goes back to the green theme – a Galaxy Z Fold4 (which features up to 20% recycled plastics) can be picked up for as $570 after a $300 discount and up to $1,000 of enhanced trade-in credit.

PS. There are also TVs and projectors, laptops and gaming monitors on offer too.

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