Samsung SmartThings now lets you control Matter-compatible devices

A new update is rolling out to add Matter integration to the SmartThings Hub

Matter is the new smart home standard that promises to end the frustration of using multiple apps to control your smart devices and all the compatibility woes. With the backing of Google, Apple, Ikea, Samsung, and other tech giants, the standard envisions a smart home ecosystem where all devices are interoperable. After a delay of over a year, the official Matter 1.0 standard and certification program dropped in early October. Following its release, Samsung is now fulfilling its promise of adding Matter support to the SmartThings platform with the latest app update. This will allow you to control Matter-certified devices directly from SmartThings.


As a part of the integration, the Korean giant is rolling out an OTA update for SmartThings v2 and v3 hubs to add Matter compatibility (via Samsung). The v2 hub will let you control Matter-compatible smart home devices over Wi-Fi and Ethernet, with Thread border router support limited to the v3 hub and SmartThings dongle. These hubs will continue to support Zigbee and Z-Wave, but they won’t work with Matter.

Another highlight of Matter integration in SmartThings is the multi-admin feature with Google support. When you open the SmartThings app, you will be prompted to import smart devices previously set up with Google Home. A similar option will appear when you open the Google Home app (via The Verge). This will let you control all your smart home devices using either the SmartThings or the Google Home app. To be clear, Matter allows you to control all Matter-certified devices from any compatible app. What’s different here is the ability to import devices that have already been set up. The enhanced Samsung and Google multi-admin feature will only arrive next year, though.

Samsung’s approach to updating its existing SmartThings hub with Matter support is better than Ikea’s. The latter has done away with its Trådfri Gateway and launched Dirigera, a new Matter-compatible smart home hub (via The Verge). To go along with it, the company has also redesigned its Home smart app to deliver a better user experience. The only problem? Will lead does not support Matter out of the box. Ikea promises to roll out a software update in a couple of months to turn its newest smart home hub into a Thread border router. Another bummer is that you must connect the hub to the Wi-Fi router over Ethernet—it does not currently support Wi-Fi connectivity.

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