Samsung Explains When Android 13 Will Rollout to Galaxy Devices

A photo of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

When Apple launches a software update on the iPhone, everyone gets it simultaneously. But on the Android side of things, it’s dependent on individual manufacturers. For instance, Samsung’s Android 13 update wasn’t announced until two weeks agonearly two months after Google started it for the Pixel devices. It’s only now we’re learning when each device will get its bump.

The first batch of phones to get the update is the Galaxy S22 series, which includes the Galaxy S22+ and the Ultra. The second wave of the rollout is expected in November, with updates for Samsung’s last two foldable generations, plus the Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. Samsung tablet users will also see the update to Android 13, with the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S7 series being first on the list.

The list of devices getting updates was announced via a push-notification to Korean Samsung users. It’s worth noting these are references to Korean devices first, though the US often follows shortly thereafter. 9to5Google helpfully points out that the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, a bore of a phone, is “notably” missing from this list. (So ​​much for being a fan!) Regardless, if you’re on a device that’s not on this list, consider upgrading because it means it’s lower on Samsung’s priority list.

Samsung’s software featuring Android 13 is called One UI 5. It features all the same capabilities as Android 13, including more color palette options, a new privacy dashboard, and better support for varying screen sizes—particularly tablets. A batch of Samsung-only features is also included in the update, like Routines, custom call backgrounds, and widget-stacking a la iOS 16. Even Bixby’s getting a Text Call feature next year that helps answer the phone by typing in text. And the Maintenance Fashion lets you hide your user data when sending your Samsung device in for repair.

Two months wasn’t a long time to wait for Android 13 on Samsung devices, but you might still hear complaints. As I said, Android has a storied history of software update fragmentation, and longtime users still grumble—myself included. However, this update hits pretty quickly since Android 13 is fairly minor compared to previous versions.

You can check to see if your Galaxy S22 is ready for the update now. In the US, Verizon also announced it’s seeding Android 13 to the S22 on its network.


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