Rogue Legacy 2 Gets Surprise Launch On Switch Today

Rogue Legacy 2 brings in heirlooms, which allow you to unlock permanent abilities — but you have to work to find them. But you can also find Relics during your playthroughs, which will entirely change your run. The lovely 3D-rendered world, colorful characters, and precise controls have garnered tons of fans, proving that Cellar Door Games still has what it takes when it comes to roguelites.

In fact, here’s a promising quote from the developer with regards to this Switch version, as included in the PR blurb:

“It was extremely important that no corners were cut when bringing Rogue Legacy 2 to Nintendo’s portable console. We spent months ensuring there were no compromises to the high octane action and fluidity at 60 fps. For us, the Nintendo Switch version of Rogue Legacy 2 was a true labor of love, and we hope that comes through when fans finally get the chance to play it.” – Cellar Door Games

No two runs will ever be the same, but building your castle and passing on your traits to your heirs makes this challenging take on the genre addictive and irresistible. The game will set you back £22.49 / $24.99 USD / €24.99 on Switch.

Will you be snatching up Rogue Legacy 2 on Switch later today? Let us know in the comments!


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