Our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 video review is now live!

Right now, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the best Android smartwatch on the market. But it’s also expensive, and for everyone who feels that way, Samsung also launched a non-Pro version simply called the Galaxy Watch 5.

After nearly two weeks of testing the non-Pro Galaxy Watch 5, we have come to realize that Samsung has taken an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy with the basic version of its new smartwatch. Unlike the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which can last really, really long, the Galaxy Watch 5 is like the Galaxy Watch 4. You get one day battery life if you use the watch moderately over the course of the day.

The regular Galaxy Watch 5 also misses out on the new temperature sensor that Samsung has equipped the Watch 5 Pro with, as excepted. So, with mostly everything the same as last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, should you buy the new watch, stick to the old one, or buy the Pro Galaxy Watch 5 model that everyone’s harping on and 0n about?

To help make up your mind, check out our Galaxy Watch 5 video review below. We are also working on a detailed text review, so be on the lookout for that in the coming days. For our review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, go here.

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