Netflix shows the evolution of Princess Diana’s feelings through her wardrobe, per Royal expert

Netflix’s hit series “The Crown” will release its fifth season and a lot of the plot will focus on a fan favorite character, the late Princess Dianamother of prince harry and Prince William and the first wife of the now King Charles III.

Princess Diana is remembered for many things but mainly for her fashion choices, with some of her looks being iconic and are now going to be displayed on screen, even her famous black ‘revenge dress’.

Princess Diana and her famous “revenge black dress”

This season of “The Crown” will mainly focus on the 1990’s decade, especially the marriage between Princess Diana and then Prince Charles and the years leading up to her death.

Many fans are eager to see the portrayal of the iconic black dress that Princess Diana wore after then Prince Charles confessed to his infidelities with Camilla Parker Bowlesknown as her “revenge dress”.

Kinsey Schofielda Royal expert and founder of “To Di For Daily” told Page Six that almost no one can’t think of Diana and not remember her in that dress, while manifesting it’s important that Netflix showed it.

“I do think that just watching what I’ve seen so far they are projecting that evolution of her confidence and her feelings through her wardrobe,” Schofield said.

He explained that in the early 90’s she was dressing more like an Easter mom, wearing a lot of pastel colors and towards the end of the season and the decade you can see her sexier, being influenced by the pop culture.

“You’re seeing kind of that revenge body and revenge wardrobe toward the end of the season which is exciting, and I know fans are looking forward to seeing that,” Schofield added.


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