Move over iPhone 14 Pro — next year’s iPhone 15 Pro should be a powerhouse

While we’re less than a week away from the iPhone 14 debut, it’s never too early to think about future handsets from Apple — especially when they’re likely to get as big a performance boost as some are now predicting for 2023’s iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are set to get the biggest upgrades for this year’s iPhone lineup, but the phone coming next year should be a powerhouse in its own right. TSMC, the Taiwanese company that builds Apple’s mobile silicon, has said that the next generation 3-nanometer chips will soon move into mass production. That likely means the 2023 edition of the iPhone will be powered by a 3nm chipset, most likely called the A17 Bionic if Apple sticks with its current naming convention.

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