IGN also says Nintendo has no heavy hitters after Zelda Tears of the Kingdom releases on Switch this year

IGN has published an article regarding the Entertainment Software Associations report yesterday about E3 2023. The statement from the ESA, which neither confirmed or denied the report from IGN that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony would not be present at the rebooted E3 2023, also included some information about Nintendo’s software release schedule for 2023. In the article IGN says it has heard similar information to VCG from its sources that Nintendo has a “light second half release schedule” for the Switch after the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases in May. This is leading to speculation online that the Kyoto-based company is possibly planning to release the successor to the still popular Switch console sometime in early 2024.

“IGN understands that Nintendo and Xbox were initially interested in having a presence at the event, but that both had to pull out for reasons unrelated to the show itself. VGC has since reported that Nintendo opted not to take part in the event due to a light second half release schedule not justifying the event space — information that IGN can corroborate.”



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