How’s your battery life on the Pixel 6? [Poll]

Since the Pixel 6 was launched, it all had huge battery advantages over its bigger brother. Now, it seems like users – myself included – are noticing a huge drop in battery life efficiency, with the Pixel 6’s battery draining at tremendous speeds and not even making it a full day.

Seemingly related to the Android 13 update we saw a couple of weeks ago, Pixel 6 users are reporting some serious battery drain. In Google’s support forum for its Pixel devices, one thread has almost 1000 upvotes with over 200 replies. Most of those replies are users relating their common experience with the Pixel 6, stating that they can’t make it a full day without seeing the dreaded “Turn on Battery Saver?” notification.

I noticed this issue myself on my Pixel 6 running Android 13, starting around a week or so ago. Even without using my device all that much, I’m seeing my device hit 20% by around 6 pm For reference, I used to be able to make it an entire day without hitting 20% ​​by 11 pm It looks like that possibility is out the window.

Though most users are reporting battery drain on their Pixel 6 phones running Android 13, I also have experience with a Pixel 6 running Android 12 that’s experiencing the same issues. More specifically, my wife runs a Pixel 6 with Android 12, and she can’t make it past 5:00 pm without a charge.

In line with the experience noted in Google’s support thread, I’m seeing heavy battery drain not only during everyday use, but also during idle usage. When my Pixel 6 is sitting on my desk for an hour or two while I’m working, I can now fully expect the battery to drop about 10-20% in that time. Obviously, this isn’t supposed to be the case.

In our review, we gave the Pixel 6 a pretty glowing score in terms of battery life, beating out the Pixel 6 Pro by quite a bit. As far as the battery went, the Pixel 6 didn’t need to concern you at all during a full day, though it might be the end of that era.

Of course, Google hasn’t made any mention of this issue or stated that it’s working on a solution. I have not yet been able to get in touch with support about the problem, though I imagine the company is aware.

With that being said, we don’t know if the problem is solely due to the Android 13 update or not, though it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

With that said, we want to turn it to you. Are you having issues with your battery life, and if so, are you running Android 13? Let us know by choosing an option in the survey below, and if you have the experience to share, let us know in the comments. There’s a lot to be learned about this sudden wave of battery issues, and we’re curious to get to the bottom of it.

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