Holy WeHo, Batman! Gotham just got ten times gayer

Diversity win! The most dangerous fictional city in existence is queer-inclusive.

On the eve of its release, new details are coming out about the open world map of Gotham Knightswhich takes players to corners of the city never before seen.

One of those corners is the new West End neighborhood, a rainbow-laden cityscape with more than a few indicators that it just might be for the community.

The West End welcome sign sports a rainbow and the text, “Welcome to West End, where everybody matters.”

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The neighborhood has a good amount of other indicators, namely a very cute rainbow crosswalk.

It event has a piece of queer art that plays directly into one of the game’s challenges. Each neighborhood has a mural that the player has to track down, and the West End’s murals are especially colorful.

Titled “Born This Way”, the mural is full of love and doves and the breaking of chains. The piece’s flavor text reads, “Commissioned for Pride Gotham three years back.”

The player character of Gotham Knights stars at the colorful
Photo credit: PowerPyx.com

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This also confirms that Gotham has citywide Pride celebrations, which is kind of slay. The residents may have hosted a #NoBatsAtPride protest at some point, but that’s between West End citizens and Bruce Wayne.

We recently reported on the sad news of this game making Nightwing’s legendary butt smaller, so the neighborhood and its design are a step in mending our broken hearts.

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