Harvey Weinstein’s Courtroom Chair Moved So He Can’t Keep ‘Staring’ at the Jury

The angle of Harvey Weinstein’s seat at the defense table became an issue at his Los Angeles-based rape trial Wednesday, as the disgraced mogul had apparently been improperly positioned so that he could “stare” at the jury.

Before Jane Doe 1 was brought in for a morning cross-examination session, lawyers struck up a discussion about Weinstein’s seating position. For the first two days of testimony, he had been allowed to sit alongside the table in a way that he could gaze directly at the jury box – and often did.

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A Sheriff’s deputy noticed what was going on, and sheriff’s department policy is not to allow defendants to look directly at the jury. Weinstein attorney Mark Werksman asked the judge to allow Weinstein to stay where he was, saying Weinstein has difficulty with his wheelchair and there’s no more room at the defense table.

He was denied.

Weinstein moved back alongside his attorney – then pushed his chair back and continued to stare at the jury.

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