Harvey Weinstein faces 11 charges of rape and assault in Los Angeles court | Harvey Weinstein

Opening arguments in the Los Angeles trial of Harvey Weinstein are set for Monday, as the once-powerful Hollywood producer faces 11 charges of rape and sexual assault.

Weinstein, 70, is serving a 23-year sentence after being convicted of sex crimes in New York in February 2020.

In Los Angeles, Weinstein is facing charges for alleged abuse involving five women in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area between 2004 and 2013.

Among the accusers is Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a documentary film-maker, actor and wife of the California Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Siebel Newsom is expected to testify that Weinstein sexually assaulted her during what she thought was going to be a business meeting, according to her attorney, Elizabeth Fegan.

The identities of the other accusers are being kept secret in court documents, which refer to them as Jane Does 1 through 5.

Weinstein has pleaded not guilty and has said all of his sexual encounters with women were consensual.

Weinstein, the Oscar-winning producer of “Shakespeare in Love” and “The King’s Speech,” became the face of #MeToo allegations five years ago, when prominent actors, including Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie, began to speak out about his behavior. Investigations by the New York Times and the New Yorker exposed both the powerful producer and the people and institutions that had enabled his conduct for decades.

Since 2017, nearly 100 women have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual violence and inappropriate sexual behavior during encounters going back to the 1970s.

Weinstein was tried in New York on five charges and convicted of two in February 2020. He was extradited from New York to a Los Angeles prison in July 2021.

A jury of nine men and three women was seated in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Among the potential witnesses who may testify in the trial is the actor Mel Gibson, who prosecutors say was a friend of one of the accusers – a masseuse who alleges Weinstein sexually assaulted her after giving him a massage in Beverly Hills in 2010.

Now in declining health, Weinstein was seated in a wheelchair during jury selection in Los Angeles superior court. He could face up to 140 years in prison if convicted on all 11 of the charges in Los Angeles.

In New York, Weinstein is appealing his 2020 conviction for rape and sexual assault, and is more than two years into his 23-year prison sentence. The state’s highest court has agreed to hear his appeal in that case.

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