Google Messages to get new delivered and read indicators soon

Last updated: October 25th, 2022 at 07:47 UTC+02:00

According to new reports, Google is testing some new features that are available to only a very limited set of users. After pushing new icons and previewing other features, Google Messages is testing out new icons for the delivered and read indicators.

If you use the RCS-enabled Google Messages app, then you should know that the message indicator shows when a message has been delivered and when it has been read. This feature is similar to what we have with all the messenger and social media apps. As of now, Google makes use of the words “Delivered” and “Read” to indicate that a message has been delivered and has been read, respectively.

Only a few users are seeing the change in the Google Messages app

However, as per 9To5Google, the company is testing out a new way to indicate delivered and read messages using checkmarks. With the new design, Google Messages show a single tick or checkmark placed inside a circle when the message is delivered. On the other hand, the read status is shown by a second icon that shows two checkmarks placed inside a circle, overlapping each other.

While this may be Google’s way of decreasing the visual width of showing the information underneath the message. But, people who aren’t familiar with these indicators would have definitely preferred the current text version of indicators. Being able to simply read out “Delivered” or “Read,” delivers the appropriate information clearly.

As of now, this seems to be just a test that Google is doing with Google Messages since only a few people have received this change. It hasn’t rolled out to all devices. Even if it arrives for all users, it should be enabled via a server-side update. However, there is no clarity if this feature will make its way to everyone or if Google actually wants to implement it.

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