Google Home is getting a web portal for all your Nest Cam and Doorbell video feeds

The building blocks of Google Home on the web

One important aspect about modern consumer technology is the ability to do what you want from where you want whenever you want. But when it came to controlling your smart home appliances through Google Home, users have had to rely on the mobile app for the longest time. Not anymore with the latest announcement from the company.

Specifically, Nest camera and video doorbell owners are being told that they’ll soon have access to live streaming feeds from their devices on They’ll be able to take feeds full screen one at a time, zoom into certain views, and more.


Google Home on the web appears to be supporting the full camera-equipped Nest range. Here’s the official list:

This marks the start of the Google Home web domain being used for more than just a promotional landing site. It seems the company is focused on camera features at the moment, so we know what to look forward to down the road.

The big indicator on whether you’re able to start using Google Home on the web is if there’s a sign-in link on the page. If you’re able to log in to the Google account associated with all your devices, that should be your signal to go. If you don’t see that link this time next week, reach out to customer support.

And if you don’t already own some of the best security cameras and video doorbells, well, we think a lot of Nest’s are pretty cool and worth at least your perusal.

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