Google Chrome 105 Released With HTML Sanitizer API, Container Queries & More

Google engineers today promoted Chrome 105 to their stable channel across Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

Chrome 105 doesn’t bring much directly for end-users but does have a number of notable developer additions in building new — and improving existing — web applications and sites. Some of the Chrome 105 highlights include:

– Adding an “onbeforeinput” global content attribute to make it easier to make use of the “beforeinput” event on input / textarea / content-editable elements before they are about to be modified.

– Support for Container Queries as a way to style elements according to the size of a container element.

– Support for the CSS “:modal” pseudo class that is used for a state that excludes all interaction with elements outside it until it has been dismissed.

– Support for Media Source Extensions (MSE) within DedicatedWorker contexts.

– A basic HTML Sanitizer API that can be used to remove content that may execute scripts from arbitrary, user-supplied HTML content. The hope is with the Sanitizer API it can be used for building XSS-free web applications.

– Support for anonymous iframes.

– The option for “blocking=render” as an attribute for script, style, and stylesheet link elements to make them explicitly render-blocking.

– WebSQL has been deprecated and removed from non-secure contexts.

More details on the Chrome 105 feature changes via

There are also 24 known security fixes as outlined on the Chrome Release Blog.


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