Google Chat is getting Slack’s most important feature

Free yourself from the wearisome world of pre-defined emoji

Collaborative communication tools are the cornerstone of any remote work environment. As they pick up new features and functionality, they often empower us to do our jobs more efficiently, saving time, money, and effort. That’s exactly why we’re so excited to see Google Chat adopting what might be the single most important feature Slack has to offer: support for custom emoji.

The Android Police team takes online communication very seriously, which is exactly why we’ve implemented over 1,100 custom emoji in our own Slack. Now Google is bringing that same sort of customizability to Chat.


There are a few important restrictions to be aware of for this rollout. First of all, only Workspace customers who are part of an organization will have access to custom emoji, and they won’t be available for personal Google accounts. Admins will get first crack at the tool, and of course will have full control over how it works for them. They can choose whether or not users will be able to upload custom emoji of their own, and also set certain people to act as emoji managers, who would have veto power over uploads.

Once your team sets up custom Chat emoji, you’ll only be able to use them when communicating with each other, and they won’t be accessible in conversations with external guests. Still, this is a very welcome addition to the service, and we’ve got a feeling that Chat users everywhere are already lining up all the emoji they plan to upload the second the feature goes live. Admin controls start arriving today, and end users will begin getting access to the feature in November.

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