Finally, Intel is getting your Android and iOS phones to work with Windows like never before

What you need to know

  • Intel bought Screenovate late 2021 and is now innovating the software for wide release.
  • Intel Unison will launch on select Intel Evo laptops soon, and it works with iOS and Android.
  • The app extends the PC to the phone, letting you make calls, send SMS, transfer photos, data, and more.
  • Intel seeks to work with everyone in the industry (OEMs, OS makers) for an open approach to Unison, so consumers get the best experience possible.

Earlier this year, I wrote an editorial about how Google’s Fast Pair initiative was wrong for the industry. The service is supposed to bring your Android phone closer to the PC, like Microsoft’s Phone Link, but it will only work on select PCs from select OEMs meaning very few people will experience it (it still hasn’t launched, of course).

Instead, I argued that companies, including Intel, Microsoft, and more, must start working together to build this functionality at the core level. Because only then can the software be powerful enough to be a big deal. While Microsoft’s Phone Link is arguably the “best new Windows feature of the past decade,” it’s also severely limited. It’s a bit slow, especially for app-streaming, and doesn’t work at all with Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone.

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