Don’t Buy the 2021 Apple TV 4K, Even at a Discount

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I always get excited when a new version of a gadget is about to come out—not necessarily because I want the latis and bestbut because I love scoring a good deal on last year’s model. However, sometimes the deals aren’t as good as they seem. Apple is currently making way for its new Apple TV 4Kand thus the 2021 Apple TV 4K is deeply discounted on Amazon at $109—around 40% off (earlier today it was even cheaper, $99). Don’t buy it.

If you have been eyeing an Apple TV and are tempted by this salehere’s why you should wait a bit longer.

Only 10 days away

Unless you will spontaneously combust before Nov. 4 unless you purchase an Apply TV immediatelywait until the Third-generation Apple TV 4K comes out. (You can even pre-order the new version now if it makes you feel less likely to spontaneously combust.) Yes, the new model is pricier—$20 more as of this writing—but you get a lot more for your money. To explain:

Faster performance

The third generation Apple TV features the A15 Bionic chip, which Apple claims to be around 50% faster than the previous model. It also has a 30% faster GPU, which will improve performance while gaming, more visuals in general. Will you notice these changes? Maybe, maybe not—but with a newer chip, you can also rest assured your device will receive software updates for that much longer.

Twice the memory space

The basic model of the 3rd generation Apple TV will come with 64GB storage at the base price of $129. To get the equivalent storage for the 2nd generation modelyou would have to cough up $114 after the current discount. For $15 more, you will get a lot more storage in addition to all the other benefits.

Support for HDR10+

While the previous generation Apple TV 4K supported HDR and Dolby Vision, this new model brings support for HDR10+, which offers improvements over HDR10, especially with regard to brightness. For more about HDR10+, check out this excellent explainer.

Plus, all the best features of the 2021 model

The third generation will continue to Wi-Fi 6 support, be able to act as a hub for HomeKit devices, and ships with the last version’s updated Siri Remote—now with USB-C charging.

Is it worth upgrading right now?

If you don’t have an Apple TV, or your version is first generation or older, this is a great time to upgrade. However, if you already own the second generation, it might be worth holding on to see what the fourth generation might bring.


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