Dominic Monaghan Gets Candid About His Split From Evangeline Lilly

Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly are islands apart these days.

Tea Lord of the Rings actor recently got candid about his past relationships, revealing that his biggest heartbreak was his split from his Lost co-star.

“I’ve only really got my heart broken once in my life,” Monaghan shared on Anna Faris’ podcast Unqualified. “I was dating an actress on Lost called Evangeline Lilly, who, you know, has gone on to have a name all of her own. I don’t really know how she would explain the narrative, but from my point of view, it was probably the first time in my life that I was all in.”

The actor, who dated Lilly from 2004 to 2007, noted that the two were even discussing marriage and kids. However, Monaghan said his drinking and partying ultimately led to the split, saying, “Even though I would get my work done and at that point I was a very committed actor to Lost, I would only consider it a weekend if I was drunk out of my mind on a Friday and Saturday night. I thought that was normal.”

Monaghan continued, “I think if you are drinking often, probably your behavior, choices and mood are up for debate and I think Evie was pretty straight down the middle… I was always the guy that wanted more.”

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