Do Not Pick This ‘Destiny 2’ Pirate Crew Unlock

Today is Destiny 2 reset, and as such, you will be asked to pick probably two new upgrades for your Season of Plunder pirate crew, until you hit another timegate.

With the way this timegate works, you are probably only going to get 2-3 unlocks per week indefinitely, meaning one wrong choice can delay a more valuable upgrade by a week permanently. As such, you really do not want to make mistakes.

I already wrote up the order I would upgrade the pirate crew over the coming weeks, but I want to give a specific warning about one upgrade that people have chosen that seems to be explicitly bad, worse than most.

update: Okay, I messed up. The armor focusing perk isn’t great, but it does give you 1570 armor that at least can roll over 60 a good amount. The bad unlock perk is instead, Armor Treasure Map, which will instead drop 1350, low stat armor at the end of expeditions, making it pointless.

So I apologize for the SCUR-V slander. I still would not pick it early, however, given the other options. Original article follows:

The upgrade you do not want to get until you absolutely have to (I have it as choice #9 in my list), is the top left, Hire SCUR-V the Servitor upgrade. While his reload speed in combat bonus may be nice, he also unlocks the ability to focus Season of the Plunder armor.

Cool, right? Armor focusing has been a way to get top-notch gear in past seasons, so now we can do that again here, but with a currency bonus for Plunder, in theory. But no, this armor is very bad.

This is not high stat armor and almost exclusively drops under 60, no matter what sort of armor focusing ghost mod you have on. For whatever reason, it also drops at 1350 power, meaning you would have to infuse it up to make it wearable for current season activities. This is also a currency burn, costing you 25 legendary shards and 5 Plunder Umbral energy, which you do not want to waste on trash armor.

I have gone through every upgrade in the pirate crew list and strangely, I do not see anything that will make this focusing perk better. This is no later stage upgrade that will turn these focuses into high stat armor, nor are the engrams that will lean toward spikier stats in any one area. It seems you can only focus for bad, low stat armor this whole season. The only potential source of high-stat Plunder armor appears to be Master Ketchcrash, where “High stat expedition armor” is listed as a potential reward.

So, I would not pick that upgrade until way, way later into the season, and really, you’re only going to do it then in order to summon SCUR-V for those bonuses, you still shouldn’t actually focus any of the armor, as that will just be a waste of resources. While past seasonal focusing has produced some incredible armor, that is just not the case with Plunder, and you’ll have to farm it from Master Ketchcrash instead, which is…a bit more difficult. Perhaps Bungie did this on purpose, given that they saw how easily people were getting incredible armor from the past few seasons of focusing.

I’m focused on the weapons, and patterns for those weapons. See you out there.

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