‘Destiny 2’ Launches Telesto ‘Bug’ Mystery Community Puzzle

While I knew there was supposed to be a community event in this final month of Destiny 2, I had no idea it would start quite like…this.

After getting a tip that something was happening today, it has since been discovered that Telesto is bugging out again, but in a very non-traditional way.

Pretty quickly, players discovered that Telesto’s newest glitch was shooting floaty bolts that lifted up into the air. Weird, but this is Telesto we’re talking about, so not completely unbelievable it might start randomly doing something like this.

However, this is actually the start of a community mystery puzzle, where I believe I know the endpoint, but not how to get there. Again, this is not just some random glitch:

  • Telesto has been animated to be smoking and sparking, which it did not do previously. This happens on any ornament.
  • Firing Telesto will ascend a pattern of bolts into the sky. I believe they are meant to be constellations, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least Orion and one of the Big Dippers in there.
  • Holding down reload will kill this floaty shot mode and make the gun fire normally again. Once again, this is something Bungie has to have specifically uploaded into the game. This is not how bugs work.

What happens from here, I’m not sure. Yes, Telesto is shooting out constellations. No, I don’t really know what to do with that fact. I’ve gotten indication that this may continue to unfold over the coming days, so we might need to wait and see what further resets bring.

We think we know where this is going, as its been in the API for a very long while now that there will be an end of season community event where players collect currency to help rebuild the Eliksni quarter so it’s not such a bombed-out mess. How do we get from Telesto constellations to that? I have no earthly idea, my knowledge stops here. But I have to assume they’re related. If not, and the Telesto thing leads to something else entirely, well, that would be quite a thing to see indeed.

It has been an extremely long time since Bungie has put a bizarre mystery like this in the game, which has drawn mixed feedback in the past from players. Some like the weirdness and the chase for answers, others thing you just sit around waiting for community creators to solve it. Right now, we appear to be in that phase, as I’m told Aztecross is already constellation tracking live on stream. I’m sure other streamers will soon join him, once the initial skepticism fades.

So yes, this is real. This is not me hallucinating a community event into existence. Go check out Telesto’s bizarre behavior for yourself, and come up with some theories of your own.

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