Broncos to Debut Worst Look Ever for Sunday’s London Game


It’s now been 25 years — a full quarter-century — since the Broncos unveiled the awful uniform set that they still wear today. In that time, one thing has remained constant (well, aside from the uniforms looking consistently terrible): The ridiculous side panel on the jersey has matched up with the ridiculous side panel on the pants.

This rule has held true whether the team has gone orange/white, navy/white, white/white, or navy/navy:

All of these are terrible looks, because the base design is so bad, but at least they make sense. You can see that the idea is for the side graphics to create an integrated look between the jersey and pants.

The Broncos have never worn white over navy in the past 25 years, because the white jersey’s side panel (which is navy) wouldn’t match up with the navy pants’ side panel (which is orange). Putting those two elements together would make no sense.

But they’re doing it anyway. this morning the team announced that they’ll be wearing that uni combo for this Sunday’s game in London against the Jags. As you can see in the image at the top of this page, it looks even worse than the team’s usual combos. The whole thing feels very, very high school.

I know people usually say the Cardinals are the NFL team most in need of a redesign, and I generally agree. But Denver isn’t far behind.

ITEM: Uni Watch Power Rankings for Reverse Retro 2.0

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What Paul Did Last Night

[Again, this is reprinted from today’s lede. Please forgive the repetition! — PL]

As you know, I just started writing for Substack. In a bit of fortuitous timing, they had a little gathering at a bar in the East Village last night, so I got to meet the CEO, my main contact guy, a few other admin people, and a bunch of writers (including the great soccer writer Grant Wahl, who spent 25 years at Sports Illustrated but now goes it alone as a Substacker — really nice guy). Several of the admin people told me, “Oh, you’re the uniform guy! The Bulletin people said we should make sure to sign you up,” so that was nice to hear. All in all, a very nice night.

When I arrived, my main contact guy was sitting at a corner table with a woman who looked familiar to me but I couldn’t place her. Then it hit me: It was Patti Smith! Sure enough, she writes for Substack. I confess that I was a bit starstruck. She left just a few minutes later, so I didn’t get to meet her or even get a photo of her, but it was still really weird to be in a small room with Patti Smith. Crazy!

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