Brett Favre has been questioned by FBI in Mississippi welfare-money scandal


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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre continues to deal with a legal entanglement that could blossom into a full blown mess, the likes of which he has never seen.

Favre’s involvement with a Mississippi welfare-money scandal continues. And it has reached a new level. According to NBC News, Favre’s lawyer says that Favre has been questioned by the FBI.

Favre received $1.1 million in federal welfare funds for alleged money-for-nothing speaking engagements. He eventually paid the money back, even though he insisted that he did nothing wrong. He was sued for interest on the money he received.

Favre has not been accused of any crime. But it’s never ideal to be questioned by the FBI.

During the summer, Mississippi fired lawyer Brad Pigott, at a time when he was trying to get more information about the involvement of Favre and former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant in the scandal.

Also, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson sent a letter this month to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting that the Department of Justice focus on Favre and Bryant.

Based on the news that the FBI has interviewed Favre, maybe they are.

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