Bold & Beautiful Recap: Will Brooke Marry Deacon After He Proposes?

Brooke is about three seconds away from asking herself why Ridge left when there’s a knock at the door and he enters. She begs him to say that Aspen was a mistake, and that he’s wised up and is coming home. Ridge says he simply swung by to pick up some of his things, leading Brooke to finally get to say her line: “Why are you doing this?”

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Ridge quietly remembers the phone call to CPS, and then flashesback to his and Brooke’s conversation in Aspen. She again begs him to talk to her. “We’ve survived so many things through the years, and we can get through this too.” But he just wants to grab his stuff and beat a hasty retreat. “You’ll always be in my heart,” he says, “but I’m moving on with Taylor.” (Can we just acknowledge again that he is absolutely the worst, and both women should dump his butt?) Ridge insists they can’t keep hurting each other and that he’s having Carter put “some paperwork” together. That’s right, he’s filing for an annulment. “You want to just pretend that our marriage never existed?” says a shocked Brooke. But yup, that’s what he wants to do!

B&B taylor steffy

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Steffy and Taylor continue celebrating. “It feels as if everything is just right,” says Taylor. The one fly in the ointment? That Ridge is over at Brooke’s. But Taylor takes it with stride. “He had to do it,” she says, reminding Steffy that they trust him. Steffy says that no matter what happens, her mom should not “let that man go.” (She is at the time eating a piece of mango, amusingly.)

Steffy walks in to find her mom on the phone. Taylor quickly gets off the phone, and her daughter questions her about the call. (Apparently, they’ve gone whole-hog on the mother/daughter reversal thing.) Steffy suggests her mom is acting a little weird, and Taylor finally admits that she “did a thing.” A surprise thing she hopes Ridge will like. “I stepped into our future with something from our past,” she teases, adding that Steffy will never be able to guess. She tries, suggesting her mom is flying Ridge to St. Thomas to recreate their proposal. Though a fun idea, Taylor says that’s not it. She then further intrigues Steffy by asking, “Do you have a blindfold?”

Bill is visiting with Liam, who warns his dad that Ridge always comes back. This isn’t, after all, the first time Ridge has walked away from his wife. This is, Bill insists, the greatest thing to ever happen to Brooke, because he is going to swoop in. Bill dubs Deacon “another loser who thinks he’s worthy of Brooke.”

Liam asks if maybe what Brooke needs is a little space, but Bill’s not hearing any of it… and he’s certainly not letting Deacon back in the picture. What about Katie? “She wants nothing more to do with me,” says Bill, adding that she’s moving on, and so is he. “I am what’s best for Brooke, and if that clown Deacon thinks he has a chance with her, he’s an even bigger moron than I realized!”

Bold Beautiful Hope Deacon il giardino

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Hope sits at the bar at Il Giardino talking to her dad. She’s shocked to hear that Bill not only warned him off of Brooke but threw money in his face. While she thinks it was disrespectful, Deacon thinks the opposite. He sees it as Bill realizing there’s a chance Deacon and Brooke might get together, and he’s afraid of the possibility. Hope says her mom is devastated, and that nobody knows exactly why this happened. But one thing she’s sure of: Steffy’s interference didn’t help.

Deacon asks how Hope’s doing with everything going on. “I’m okay,” she sighs, “although my patience is wearing out when it comes to Steffy.” They start to talk about the Douglas situation, but she suggests they not go there. She does reluctantly admit that maybe Ridge walking out is a good thing, because they’ve been struggling for a while. Maybe Ridge really isn’t what’s best for her. “If he can just so easily and callously walk away from her and go back to Taylor, maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all,” Hope considers. Needless to say, Deacon agrees. Hope then makes it pretty clear she’s totally into the idea of ​​Deacon and Brooke reuniting. (Uh-oh… is she about to become the new Steffy/Thomas and try badgering her parents into reuniting?) Hope suggests they go visit Brooke so Deacon can tell her how he feels.

Bold Beautiful taylor Ridge new house keys

As the episode concludes, Taylor takes a blindfolded Ridge back to the beach house, wanting to remind him of their “magical time on the ocean.” Does Wyatt know they broke into his house? Turns out, Taylor bought the place, given that she was tired of walking in on Steffy and Finn making out. (Of course, we haven’t seen Finn in ages or even heard Steffy mention the husband she thought she’d lost forever and now seems to have forgotten entirely!) Thrilled by the surprise, Ridge pulls Taylor into a passionate kiss.

B&B Deacon offers brooke hope

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Meanwhile, Hope and Deacon arrive at Brooke’s, and she admits her husband has left to be with his other family. Hope stuns her mom by saying maybe that’s for the best. “Maybe there’s something beautiful about rebuilding a family,” says Hope, turning the floor over to Deacon. “I know that this might seem like it’s out of the blue,” he tells his ex, “but I’ve been dreaming about this for a very long time.” He then breaks out a ring and suggests it’s time for them to repair their family. “I know I don’t deserve you, but then again nobody does. You are the most phenomenal woman I have ever met. And I promise that if you take this journey with me, I will prove my love to you every single day.” All she has to do is say yes… and the look on her face indicates she really, really wants to!

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