Bioware Teases “Mass Effect 4” Progress


To celebrate the annual N7 Day, BioWare has released a new “Mass Effect 4” tease.

In a blog post, project director Mike Gamble says: “We’ve intercepted some strange footage from one of the monitoring stations in known space. It could be nothing, but…”

BioWare first revealed it was working on a new game in November 2020, with the release of a teaser trailer at that time. In July this year, he was announced veteran narrative director Mary DeMarle, the writer behind the modern “Deus Ex” games, had joined the studio to helm the story.

Today’s post on confirms the game is still only in the early stages:

“Since we last spoke about the next Mass Effect game, pre-production development has been proceeding very well. The team, comprised of Mass Effect franchise veterans as well as some amazing new additions to BioWare, has grown steadily! They’ve been hard at work crafting new characters and locations that you’ll love, as well as revisiting many that you’ll remember.

One day, when we’re ready, we’ll have more to share on the next Mass Effect, so thank you for being a part of this journey with us. It’s exceptionally exciting for the team, and we’d love to continue sharing glimpses of what we’re working on with you in the future.”

Fans have been racing to work out the enigmatic teaser. The visuals imply human-supremacist group Cerberus has been rebuilding the mass relays with this being the seventh under construction (MR7).

The numbers below the screen have led to speculation this is happening in the year 2190, four years after the Reapers were destroyed.

One fan offered a cleaned-up version of the audio (via Soundcloud in the clip and arrived at a recording of what appears to be a combination of Geth sounds and Liara T’Soni saying: “Exactly. The Council will be furious. Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance”. Another separate line says: “I see it. How did we miss this?”.

This would suggest the Systems Alliance’s governing body is intact in some way. Whatever the case, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this release until well into 2024 at the earliest – likely later than that, as Bioware’s next big release is the next “Dragon Age” chapter.

Source: Escapist Magazine

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