BioWare Confirms Long-Running Mass Effect 4 Theory

BioWare has confirmed a long-running theory about the next Mass Effect game, tentatively dubbed Mass Effect 4 by many. This week, to celebrate N7 day, BioWare released a new teaser for the new Mass Effect game. And in this teaser, there’s an audio message that when decoded reveals Liara T’Soni talking to Geth. We already knew the former was in the game. Now it’s increasingly obvious she’s not only in the game, but plays a major role as well. What wasn’t confirmed was whether the Geth were in the game. It was teased, but not confirmed. This new tease seemingly confirms not only are the Geth in the game, but at the center of its plot.

That said, while it’s clear the Geth play a role in the game, what’s not clear is whether they are the baddies like they were for parts of the first trilogy. If they are still the baddies, then it seems like Liara T’Soni is also a baddie because she seems to be working with them. Of course, both of these things can be true but also not be true at the same time. This is to say, sometimes those painted as the bad guys or the good guys aren’t always the bad guys or the good guys in Mass Effect.

Whatever the case, it’s long been speculated that the Geth are in the game, and this teaser seems to confirm asmuch, though, for now, BioWare isn’t talking about the Geth and their inclusion in any detail.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. What do you think will be the roles of Liara and the Geth in the new Mass Effect game? Are you happy to see the Geth back or should they have remained behind in the previous trilogy?

As for the next Mass Effect, there’s no word of when it release. It’s likely at least a few years away from releasing, which means when it does it will probably be a PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S game.


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