Beloved iOS video editor LumaFusion comes to Android and ChromeOS in early access

Beta testers get a discount

It’s been nine full months since LumaTouch announced its well-regarded iOS video editor LumaFusion would be coming to Android via Samsung’s Galaxy Store and more than a year since it first promised to bring it to ChromeOS — delivering an app worth using on the platform. While the company has blown past deadlines, it is now showing up, finally, by opening up early access to the app on both new platforms.

LumaTouch says it assembled an extra team of ChromeOS developers for this push which should mean a more optimal conversion of the iOS app.


Much of the features in that version of the editor should be in the Android and ChromeOS ones: standard and custom LUTs, support for media and projects from 18fps to 240fps, and a full integration with Storyblocks for paid audiovisual assets.

That said, LumaFusion may limit the number of audio and video tracks depending on the device — as on the iOS app, users will be able to lay down up to 12 tracks with up to six of them for visual media.

Those interested in trying out LumaFusion can get it from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store for $20 during beta testing (we’ll update with links when they become available). Once the stable version is finalized, the price will go up to $30 — again, achieving parity with the iOS app. Early access customers will get the update for free.

Google Photos is also reshaping itself on ChromeOS to provide more granular video editing capability as well, but that project is only barely beginning.

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