Backstage News On How Triple H Feels About CM Punk

Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been famous for mending fences. Levesque famously helped heal the relationship between Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon, leading to the induction of the longest-reigning WWE World Champion into the WWE Hall of Fame, however it doesn’t sound like the same can be done with more recent wounds.

The mysterious WrestleVotes was interviewed by GiveMeSport recently and gave some insight into how the WWE Chief Content Officer views controversial star CM Punk. “I was told, I mean, pretty straightforward, that Triple H wants nothing to do with CM Punk, and even less to do with Phil Brooks,” WrestleVotes said. “Well, that’s what I was told and that was July.” This backs up reports that recently described Punk returning to WWE as a “hard ‘no.'” WrestleVotes says that they have asked about Punk in the last couple of days, saying that Triple H’s position has “softened” recently. “I still think there’s animosity, I still think there’s a lot of pieces that need to be picked up between the two of them specifically. But Hunter, learned from Vince [McMahon] and Vince made amends with everybody.”

McMahon famously made amends with such former stars as The Ultimate Warrior, whose long-standing animosity towards Vince and WWE was squashed in 2014, leading to Warrior being inducted into the Hall of Fame days before his death at age 54, as well the Hall of Fame’s “Warrior Award” being named for him. Punk left WWE in infamously controversial fashion, walking out of the company after Royal Rumble 2014, which led to Punk receiving his official release on his wedding day. Punk left professional wrestling for seven years, returning in 2021 and signing with AEW. Punk is now currently away from AEW television, after a physical altercation at All Out in September led to suspensions of Executive Vice Presidents, the firing of Ace Steel, and an ongoing investigation that leaves the former AEW World Champion in limbo.

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