A New DSLR Is Coming

You read that right. The era of the DSLR is not dead.

There is no arguing that the era of mirrorless has taken hold, but one company, Ricoh (Pentax), said a few years ago that they would continue making DSLRs. Ricoh’s Hiroki Sugahara (General Manager of the Marketing Communication Department, Global Sales and Marketing Center, Smart Vision Business Unit) even went so far as to say that they expected users to return to DSLRs after a few years. This has left them as the only major company still making DSLRs, and it seems like another is on the way later this month.

Rumor has it the company will release the update to the K-70 DSLR later this month. Information is scarce at the moment, but it appears the camera will come in black and two specialty colors, crystal white and crystal blue, which will be limited to 700 units each. The price will likely be set at ¥119,800 (about $800).

While most of the photography industry has moved on from DSLRs, there are undoubtedly users who will always prefer them over mirrorless, and it will be interesting to see if Ricoh Pentax cameras can carve out a niche as the only new option for cameras with mirrors. Their fans are already quite loyal to the brand. I very nearly switched myself years ago due to how much I loved the K-1, with only the lack of lens selection holding me back. Hopefully, we’ll see the new camera soon.

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