A New Chip Is Capable of Transmitting All of the Internet’s Traffic Every Second

An international team of scientists has set a new data record, by transferring 1.8 petabits in a single second — the equivalent to twice the world’s global internet traffic for that period — using a cutting-edge optical chip paired with a single infrared laser.

Our modern-day civilization runs on torrents of data that are encoded into pulses of light from the binary computer language of ones and zeroes, and — where possible — transmitted around the world through a global network of fiber-optic cables.

In a new study published in the journal Nature Photonics, a team of researchers from the Technical University of Denmark has broken the record for the largest amount of data transferred in a single second. The researchers made use of a custom optical computer chip that was capable of using a single infrared laser to create hundreds of light frequencies, each of which can be imprinted with data.

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