10x, 100x, and 333x Battles in Splatfest explained

Splatfest has come to Splatoon 3 for the first time since the game’s launch and will bring slight variations onto mechanics from previous Splatoon games. Splatfest is a fan favorite game mode that now pits three teams against each other, battling for supremacy. Teams Gear, Grub, and Fun will all fight for clout points to decide the ultimate winner of the event.

While players can normally earn clout points through playing the standard game mode, there is now a chance players could earn significantly more clout during matches. 10x, 100x, and 333x multipliers will all be in effect during the event, increasing the overall amount of clout you earn for your respective team.

This is everything we know about Splatfest multipliers and how to activate them.

How to activate 10x, 100x, and 333x Splatfest Battles

During Splatoon 3’s Splatfest, 10x Battles will be significantly more common for players to come across than in previous Splatoon games. Players that win 10x games will receive its dubbed festive shells, which increase the percentage of adding the 100x multiplier to your games. If both teams activate 100x each, the winners will be rewarded with a massive 333x clout multiplier.

Winning a 100x or 300x multiplier match will gain significantly more traction for your team of choice and earn bragging rights with a unique animation. Players that win 100x and 300x games will be displayed as an image on the Splatfest booth in the Square and SplatNet 2, while newsflashes of 10x winners will be displayed for players and friends.

The 10x, 100x, and 333x multipliers will only be available for standard play, not the upcoming Tricolor Turf War mode. There is still time to hop into Splatoon 3 and earn clout points for either Team Gear, Grub, or Fun, though these multipliers will end whenever Splatfest ultimately comes to a close.

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